Grief Support

Make letting go just a little bit easier.

Did you know, you may be grieving and not even know it? Grief shows up for more reasons than death: after a relationship breakup; when what you hoped for in your life didn’t happen; when you acknowledge your part in causing someone else pain, or our collective harming of the Earth; sorrow we carry passed down from our relatives.

Benefits of grief support

  • improved concentration

  • better sleep

  • feeling more connected to others

  • deepening self-compassion

  • finding new meaning in your life

Grief can show up in many ways. You may feel angry, irritable, or have problems sleeping. You may have trouble focusing, cry a lot, or feel shut down. Whether you are grieving your own end of life, you’re a caregiver grieving, or you are working through other losses, I’m here to help you

  • honour and accept YOU exactly where you’re at

  • come to terms with losses and move through challenging emotions

  • say goodbye, when you’re ready, so you can move forward with love

Elizabeth’s death doula and grief care offerings are deeply meaningful and radically supportive.

~ Alana L. (Nelson, B.C.)