Find Your Peace

For people nearing the end of their life, simply sitting with an end-of-life doula (such as myself) can bring peace and comfort. No need for words. I bring my connection to Spirit, my ability to be with discomfort, and, if appropriate, my gentle touch.

Celebrate the joys, resolve past stresses

For people experiencing death anxiety, benefits of the ‘find your peace’ process include

  • less anger, regret, fear and depression

  • greater sense of completeness and appreciation for your life
  • live more fully until your times comes for a natural death

As we reflect on our lives, past hurts or perceived failures can be roadblocks to a peaceful death. Through the ‘find your peace’ process, I’m here to help you

  • identify and work through unsettled relationships and unresolved situations

  • connect to your sense of spirituality, whatever that is for you

  • recognize your achievements and value the life you have lived

Elizabeth offered clear, kind and attuned companionship.

~ Alana L. (Nelson, B.C.)

The Process

Each session

Guided by your thoughts, memories, and whatever feels pressing for you, we will explore significant areas of your life: work, relationships, health, spirituality. I’ll guide you to tune in to the wisdom of your nervous system, supporting it to gently release leftover stresses and resolve any lingering conflicts. We’ll celebrate and strengthen what feels joyful, and acknowledge and move through the challenges. With your consent, I may suggest some supportive activities or visualizations to help move through the hard stuff.

Some people find one session is enough, while others prefer longer-term support. You’ll know your sessions are complete when you feel more peaceful about your death.

After our session

With your consent, I’ll check in with you via email, and send a brief summary of significant insights from the session.


60 minute session — $120 + gst
Longer sessions, package rates, and sliding scale available

Discover how holistic End-of-Life Planning can bring you peace of mind and support you in dying naturally.